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No doubt the CashFlow Tactics Community is uncommon to say the least.  But for us, being uncommon is the norm. 

Over the last two years, we have been heads down building the most elite financial training platform in existence.  The ONLY place you can go to learn the principles and be equipped with the tools necessary to create your version of Financial Freedom in 10 years or less.  

Then we took it a step further and brought the community together through the Academy, Acceleration and Empire Mastermind programs. We can't guarantee you aren't crazy, but at least you won't be alone.

Now that we have laid the foundation, it's time to answer the question: "How do I accelerate my Game Plan?"  Mistakenly, most people think that a faster game plan is the result of more VAULTs and houses.  WRONG.

Your Game Plan will accelerate at the pace at which you continually invest in and expand your Mindset, Skillsets and Network. PERIOD.
Video Case Study #1
Video Case Study #1
we never stop...and now, you won't have to either
The secret to going faster in your Game Plan is not bigger VAULTS or more houses.  It's not more LLCs or a better Tax Strategy. It's not what you KNOW. It's what you DO.
 It requires investing in YOU 💪

👉 Expanding your MINDSET. 

👉 Adding to your SKILLSETS.

👉 Growing your NETWORK. 
Nope, doesn't sound like me at all. 
Video Case Study #1
Video Case Study #1
How You Can Be in the Game With CashFlow Tactics in 2020
Nah,  I'd rather do it ALL BY MYSELF
here's what you get...
Game Plan Acceleration Intensive ($2,500 Value)
The Game Plan will never be the same. Think about it like getting a Masters Degree in Money.  Except this degree actually pays! 

Every myth will be busted. Every concept taught. Step-by-step guidance though the CFT process in building a bullet proof plan to become Financially Free in 10 years or less. 
  • The ONLY time Brad, Ryan and Jimmy will lead a group through this unique process
  • Private Facebook group just for Intensive members
  • Weekly live training to cover each topic
  • ​Fill in the blank workbook so you can run every calculation
  • ​Weekly Q&A so you are never stuck implementing
  • ​Clarity on your path and empowerment to make adjustments and updates 
5 Currencies Challenge ($2,500 Value)
Remember, Money is just a Tool. Going fast required a powerful WHY. And that WHY will be connected to something other than financial results.  Getting unstuck financially usually means you are roadblocked in some other area of life. The 5 Currency Challenge is designed to help you set and smash targets in ALL areas of life, propelling your forward like you have never experienced before.
  • Live workshop to set and commit to 90 Day Targets in all 5 areas of life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Money.
  • ​Learn Ryan's goal setting process to start with what you want and set your personal life vision. 
  • ​Guidance on vision statements, I AM daily affirmations, and life principles
  • ​Training on breaking down your Vision into actionable and measurable 90 day targets, then into 30 day check points and weekly action items.
  • ​Accountability check-ins along the way to keep your motivation high. 
Side Hustle Workshop ($2,500 Value)
Making money is a skill.  A skill not taught in school and is not inherent in your degree.  The Art and Science of the Side Hustle may be the single most valuable addition possible inside your Game Plan.

Ryan, Jimmy and Brad will share how they have all successfully created side hustles that accelerates their Game Plans. They will also talk about what mindsets and skillsets they had to acquire to make their first dollars outside their W-2.  They will also dive deeper into the business skills and knowledge they had to expand on to launch and grow CFT. 

And, for the first time ever, they will open up their networks -- networks they have invested over $500,000 -- so you have everything you need to launch or expand your side hustle.
CashFlow Heaven Tour ($2,500 Value)
Learn both the leveraged as well as active side of real estate. 

Start by seeing what the right TurnKey operator really looks like. See behind the curtain and learn exactly what to look for in a TK partner. You'll get boots on the ground experience looking at properties and seeing the rehab process in action. 

Then, you'll have a class session with Jimmy where he will walk you through a framework you can use to learn real estate as an active side hustle.  If the strategy exists, Jimmy has tried knocking his head into the wall at least a few times.  

Sitting right between you as a passive RE buyer and his full-time active business, Jimmy will offer you a perspective on the best ways to make more money through active real estate.  Oh, and did we mention Jimmy has spent over $250k building his network of the best in the game of real estate today? Oh ya, you'll get that too.
Profit Lab ($2,500 Value)
Talk Nerdy to me! 

Money is one topic that you are never taught in school.  What is it? How does it work? How do you get more of it? How do I keep more of what I do have? 
Inside Profit Lab, Brad will lead a workshop to teach the advanced concepts on money, tax, entity structure, accounting and finance that anyone wanting to be Financially Free needs to understand. 

Until now, this conversation about Financial IQ has been focused on just CFTs Private Clients - mostly business owners grossing 7 and even 8 figures.

This will be the first time Brad, Jimmy and Ryan dive in with anyone who knows that they need a higher Financial IQ if they want to continue to grow. 

We will show you how we reverse engineer profit into our personal businesses and game plans using target setting, key metrics, Empire Cash, and more.
Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy share insights into the books they are reading and topics they are studying. Combined, they spend over $100k each year on the highest level masterminds and coaching and are always reading and learning something.

This is the only place to get a list of what they are studying as well as their top takeaways and insights. 
 Live Event
Come to St. Louis and hang out with the CFT team at our annual Acceleration Mastermind Event. We’ll tour the neighborhoods our Empire Builders built their Autopilot Assets cash flow on.

You’ll get a chance to interact with Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy on a more personal and relaxed level and watch live Game Plan training as well as Intentional Life Design. 
Nope. I like waiting years to really live free
  Do I have to buy all 5 Experiences? Can I just invest in one or two?  
These experiences will be available in 2021 as a-la-carte experiences that we want you and everyone in the community to experience. But for 2020, while we are developing them as Beta programs, they will be offered only as a package. Invest to get the experience that you want and you get all the others free. We priced them together but heavily discounted from what it will cost in 2021 to invest in them all separate. 
Do I have to attend each experience LIVE in order to participate?
Nope. The tour of St. Louis obviously will require you to be there in person to drive neighborhoods and walk property.  All the classroom experiences will be live streamed so you don't have to travel to attend.  Each event will most likely have the option for you to travel if you do want to experience in person but that will not be required.
Are there any pre-requisites?
If you don't have a Game Plan it will be hard to work on accelerating it.  Each person should get a game plan prior to starting. If you are new to CFT and don't have one, we can get that done right at the start so you can keep up with the group. 

You don't have to be in Empire or Acceleration although you will need to at least be in CFT Academy so you have access to the education and tools found there. 
Can my spouse participate?
The investment includes you and a spouse (no need to pay double to bring your spouse along).  It does not include a business partner, sibling, friend, etc.  Why? Because wealth is a PERSONAL thing. Each person (or couple) will be working on their PERSONAL wealth plan.  Your plan will be different from your friend, business partner or sibling. 
What am I investing in?
At the end of the day, this is an investment in YOURSELF.  But more specifically, every person will get recordings of each event as well as tools, worksheets, templates and any other cool thing we create for the event.  

Also, its the only time you'll get 1 on 1 time with Brad, Ryan and Jimmy teaching these topics.  We believe in and practice leverage so after these are created, we will leverage the resources we create going forward.
No thanks. I'll try to navigate this all by myself
Empire builders are focused on FREEDOM
We RISE UP and take focused action and accept responsibility for our results. 
Because of our commitment to action we embrace being the black sheep and reject the status quo. 


We are bold enough to push the limits in order to create a better reality 
We are not risk takers or speculators but rather we live by a core set of principles. 
We do not need handouts or shortcuts. We do the work and learn to leverage the system. 

We want more than just money. Money is our tool to CREATE.
We are committed to building a life that matters.
A life driven by PURPOSE. A life fueled by PASSION.
We are committed to RISE UP and LIVE FREE, everyday.
  YES. This is what I’ve been searching for. How do I go faster NOW?  
Acceleration is designed for speed. We know time is the most valuable asset you have, and once a moment is gone, it’s gone. Yes, you could do this on your own, and it would take 2-3 years. Or jump into Acceleration and get it done in 90 days. The choice is yours. 
  Why do I need to pay somebody to help me do all this? Why can’t I just do it on my own?  
The truth is, you could. You’ve come this far on your own, and that’s amazing. You believe in the value of hard work and figuring things out, just like our Acceleration Mastermind members. But there’s a limit to what one person can accomplish alone. Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy hit that limit over and over again learning what works and what doesn’t. They each spent years making mistake after mistake trying to figure it out on their own. It wasn’t until they banded together that they started seeing incredible progress and results.
CashFlow Tactics was designed to help people like you create the kind of freedom and lifestyle they want as quickly as possible. And hands down, we’ve discovered we grow faster together.
  What am I paying for?
Acceleration Mastermind contains all the tools, knowledge, and expertise to help save you from making costly mistakes. That alone can help save 10X the cost of the course.  
Acceleration streamlines the process and eliminates all the noise. Everything is lined up inside Acceleration to so you get just what you need, including background work with attorneys, CPAs, and other expert professionals.
And did we mention our proprietary software, Real Estate Analyzer? This tool helped us avoid buying real estate that could have bankrupted them.
Name, Company
Name, Company
DISCLAIMER: Cash Flow Tactics is an educational product offered by Cash Flow Tactics, LLC. Cash Flow Tactics is not selling investments, insurance, real estate, securities, or anything other than education and is not providing tax advice, legal advice, or investment advisory products. We discuss general principles and strategies, but we do not know anything about you or your financial circumstances. As you consider applying the educational principles and strategies you see here, you should understand that there is risk in any investment and we cannot guarantee any particular results or success.
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