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The RISE UP Experience how you can accelerate your Game Plan. Its about investing in your GREATEST ASSET: YOU 💪
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100% Money Back Guarantee

If we can’t get you results we don’t deserve your money!  All CashFlow Tactics offers come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Rise Up 2020 Recap:

Game Plan Acceleration Intensive

The Game Plan will never be the same. Think about it like getting a Masters Degree in Money. Except this degree actually pays!  Step-by-step guidance though the CFT process in building a bullet proof plan to become Financially Free in 10 years or less. 

5 Currencies Challenge

Remember, Money is just a Tool. Going fast required a powerful WHY. And that WHY will be connected to something other than financial results. The 5 Currency Challenge is designed to help you set and smash targets in ALL areas of life, propelling your forward like you have never experienced before.

Side Hustle Workshop

Making money is a skill. A skill not taught in school and is not inherent in your degree. The Art and Science of the Side Hustle may be the single most valuable addition possible inside your Game Plan.

CashFlow Heaven Tour

Learn both the leveraged as well as active side of real estate. 

Profit Lab

Money is one topic that you are never taught in school. What is it? How does it work? How do you get more of it? How do I keep more of what I do have?  Advanced concepts on money, tax, entity structure, accounting and finance that anyone wanting to be Financially Free needs to understand. 
DISCLAIMER: Cash Flow Tactics is an educational product offered by Cash Flow Tactics, LLC. Cash Flow Tactics is not selling investments, insurance, real estate, securities, or anything other than education and is not providing tax advice, legal advice, or investment advisory products. We discuss general principles and strategies, but we do not know anything about you or your financial circumstances. As you consider applying the educational principles and strategies you see here, you should understand that there is risk in any investment and we cannot guarantee any particular results or success.