the cashflow tactics tax strategy
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Here's What IT'LL DO FOR YOU...
 Step 1: Review 
Our team will perform a comprehensive 3 year review of your prior tax returns.  This will give us insight into what strategy you have been implementing to this point, look for any holes and missed opportunities, and ensure that going forward we can account for everything possible. 
Our team will have access to your CFT Game Plan so they know what your path to Financial Freedom in 10 Years or Less includes so your Tax Strategy is in alignment with your Game Plan.
Step 2: Structure and Strategy: 
This starts with a 1 on 1 consultation that will allow you discuss your Game Plan and Tax Strategy with our team so they can custom tailor everything to scale right along with you.
Our team will start with what you already have in place, then set up the entities and reporting to ensure you are ina position to KEEP as much protected from the IRS as (legally) possible.
Your Tax Strategy will be documented and given to you so any tax professional can implement it.
Step 3: Optimization 
Now that you have a plan that works, you need to know how to work your plan. In your 1-on-1 sessions you will get specific direction around how to utilize the structure you are implementing.
You will also be invited to our ongoing Tax Strategy Trainings for the next 12 months so you can get all your questions answered and never wonder if you are doing everything right. 
Here's What you get...
 Three Year Review of Tax Returns:
 Detailed Entity Structure and Outline of Tax Strategy:
Up to two 1-on-1 Planning Sessions
Entity Formation for up to Two Entities (state specific filing fees not included)
12 Months Access to Exclusive Tax Strategy Trainings
Access to CFT Tools and Templates for Tax Strategy Maintenance and Optimization (Coming Soon)
can i hire your team to prepare my taxes and do my bookkeeping?
 Of Course!
As part of your Tax Strategy, our team can give you a quote for tax preparation and bookkeeping. 
Keep in mind that the MOST important part of Keeping the money you make is the Strategy.  You'll leave with a documented, clear strategy that any CPA or accountant should be able to implement. 
More importantly, you will leave EMPOWERED in the conversation of taxes and accounting so you know whether you are getting the best possible outcome.
And with the support of our team, you'll never have to wonder.