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Let Us Show You The Art And Science Of “Compressing Time”, So You Can Get 40 Years Worth Of Return In 10 Years Or Less! 
Look Like? 

What Does TRUE FREEDOM Look Like? 

A Message From: Bradley Gibb, Ryan Lee, and Jimmy Vreeland

What does 'Financial Freedom' look like?
There’s no right or wrong answer. Just take a moment and think about it.
Spending MORE time with family and friends and LESS time behind a desk?

Having greater control over finances and investments?

Living life on your own terms and not being tied to what society says life should look like?

Traveling, working, playing whenever the mood hits.

That kind of financial future CAN be intentionally designed…

And yet so often, it’s not.

Let me guess...

You’re putting in the work.

You’re saving your money.

You’re listening to your financial advisor.

You’re being responsible and doing all the right things!

And yet, after years of working hard, you’re still not making much headway on your financial future...

Am I right?    
If you’re feeling financially STUCK, it’s probably for 1 of 2 reasons:
1.) You listened to “society’s plan” for growing wealth. 🙄
I’ll let you in on a secret…

Society’s idea of retirement planning and wealth building was never designed to make you RICH.

Traditional plans like contributing to a 401K or IRA have put you in the “SAVE SAVE SAVE” mindset.

The problem is, after YEARS (or decades) of saving, you’re still not close to reaching total financial freedom yet, are you?

It’ll help cover the utilities, and pay the bills during retirement.

But it won’t build REAL WEALTH.

It’s not designed to.   
2.) You listened to BROKE people
It’s absurd that so many people blindly trust financial advisors who AREN’T actually rich.

Sure, they may work for an investment company, have done some stock trades, and have a 6-figure salary…

But don’t be deceived...

(If they were truly wealthy and financially free, they wouldn’t be working some investment 9-5 job.)

Think about it...

You wouldn’t dream of taking important health advice from someone who wasn’t a doctor or medical professional... right?
You wouldn’t get fitness guidance from someone who wasn’t in shape themselves…

You wouldn’t work with a marriage counselor who is divorced for the 3rd or 4th time...

So WHY would you take wealth-building guidance from someone who isn’t actually WEALTHY?

The financial industry is the only place where taking GUIDANCE from non-experts (A.K.A broke people) is not only acceptable, but encouraged!

How crazy and backwards is that?!

No wonder people save and invest, but can’t seem to get very far with their money! 
If you want to build REAL WEALTH, 
 You Need To Learn From Someone Who Actually Has It, And Is Financially Free.
That’s exactly why we created CashFlow Tactics Academy - to help people just like you to achieve financial freedom in 10 years or less...regardless of income, age, or experience. 
*Yes! I want the 1-on-1 Game Plan (and the trainings, and personal guidance) to help me achieve financial freedom!  
CashFlow Tactics Academy Was Created By 3 Financially Free Wealth-Builders…
Together, we’re going to show you the art and science of “Compressing Time” - so you can get 40 years worth of returns in 10 years or less!
Meet your Three Wealth-Building Guides…
Ryan D. Lee
“The Motivator”
Ryan is the Co-Founder & Creator of CashFlow Tactics and Atlas Wealth Solutions, Real Estate Investor, Husband, and Father.

Ryan will INSPIRE and push you to make sure you’re doing everything possible to stay on track for financial freedom.

Inside the Academy, Ryan casts the VISION for your financial journey. (In order to reach your goal, you need to know WHERE you’re going, right?) He’ll show you the “art” behind becoming financially free
Bradley Gibb
“The Numbers Guy”
Brad is the Co-Founder & Creator of Cash Flow Tactics and Atlas Wealth Solutions, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, and Speaker.

Brad will help you focus on the LOGIC and numbers that you need to stay on track and moving forward with your 90-day targets.

He’ll show you the “science” behind creating a financially free life. With Brad, it’s a numbers game, and he’ll share how to look at the numbers to design the life you want.
Jimmy Vreeland
“The Salty Drill Sergeant”
Jimmy is the Founder of Joint Ops Properties & Co-Founder of CashFlow Tactics, Real Estate Mogul, Speaker, Author, and Coach.

Jimmy will help GET THINGS DONE - think of Jimmy as your ACCOUNTABILITY guide, who makes sure that you do what you say you’re going to do!

Money won’t grow if you don’t take ACTION on the strategies we give you! So Jimmy will give you a friendly shove in the right direction, and get you MOVING swiftly toward your goal!
Inside CashFlow Tactics Academy, we’ll help you tackle the RIGHT wealth-building strategies, so you can “Compress Time”, and get 40 years of returns in just 10 years or less...

We’ll show you: 
  • How our tried-and true system works
  • The strategies we show our clients to help them become financially free 
  •  The 90-Day BENCHMARKS - so you can stay on track
  • ​How you can have more predictable results
  • ​How you can directly impact your financial outcomes
  • ​The BEST ways to take more control of your financial planning
We’ll break down each and every step of the Cashflow Tactics Academy system... 
CashFlow Tactics Academy Is...
  • Built on tactics you can actually IMPLEMENT - so action-takers can RISE UP & LIVE FREE now.
  • Designed to produce RESULTS. We didn’t get wealthy by operating on theory or fluff. 
  • Developed with the most time-tested tools, strategies and principles in what’s working in FINANCE.
CashFlow Tactics Academy is a comprehensive course that gives full access to eight in-depth wealth-building modules to learn from! (That’s over 30+ hours and 80 videos of step-by-step instruction!)
*Yes! I want the 1-on-1 Game Plan (and the trainings, and personal guidance) to help me achieve financial freedom!  
Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Get 
When You Join CashFlow Tactics Academy!
Join CashFlow Tactics Academy right now for just 
Total Value $497
Before we show all the amazing things taught in the modules, we understand that there is a big gap between learning something new and understanding how to apply that knowledge. Everyone that invests in the Academy will have an opportunity to sit 1-on-1 with a trained and experienced CashFlow Coach to build a personalized Game Plan. Each person will be able to align their plan to their goals and personal circumstances and leave knowing exactly how to take massive ACTION. 

The process is simple, but powerful.  We start by getting clear about where each person is starting today, we set clear outcomes and what success will look like, then we map out individualize action steps - down to 90 day targets - so everyone knows exactly what they need to do to be successful.
Module 1: Our Mission
Our mission is not to improve a person’s finances, it’s to REVOLUTIONIZE them. We’re here to empower men and women to RISE UP & LIVE FREE. And it all starts here:
  • The CFT Mission
  • Why Financial Freedom
  • The New Model of Money
  • ​CashFlow Tactics Course Overview
Module 2: Wealth Foundations
Before embarking on a mission of epic proportions, the right foundation must be laid. This section will serve as the foundation that everything is built on. Lessons include:
  • Goldfish Advice
  • Savers Are Losers
  • Investing Vs. Speculating
  • ​Your Strike Number
  • ​The Core Four
  • ​The Four Pillars of Investing
  • ​The POWER of Focus
  • ​Diversification & Ignorance
  • ​The Wealth Pyramid Strategy
  • ​The Financial Freedom Formula (Your Game Plan)
Module 3: The Financial Freedom Game Plan
Learn how to COLLAPSE TIME and achieve 40 years of financial results in 10 years or less with the lessons in Module 3.
  • Goals Vs. Targets
  • The Game Plan Introduction
  • Your Strike Number
  • ​Cash Flow in 90 Days
  • ​Compound Income
  • ​Foundational Freedom
  • ​Lifestyle Freedom
  • ​Legacy Freedom
  • ​The Power of Questions
  • ​Go All In
Module 4: Produce
At the core of CashFlow Tactics is the mindset that each of us are the MOST VALUABLE ASSETS in our own lives. Module 4 introduces the principles that ultimately fuel not just financial freedom but ultimate freedom!
  • What is Money?
  • The Producer Revolution
  • Principles Govern
  • ​People Are Assets
  • ​Dollars Follow Value
  • ​The Producer Mindset
  • ​Earn Money Vs. Make Money
  • ​The Linchpin
  • ​The Side-Hustle
  • ​The 3% Challenge
  • ​The Real Asset
Module 5: Protect
It’s not what’s EARNED but what’s KEPT that makes the biggest impact on a game plan. Find out how to build a system that focuses on PROTECTING finances.
  • Staying in Financial Momentum
  • The VAULT Introduction
  • Hiding In Plain Sight
How to Use Your VAULT
  • Why Do Banks Hand Out Suckers?
  • Implementing The VAULT System
  • We Finance Everything We Buy
  • ​Controlled Leverage
  • ​Great Power Requires Great Responsibility
  • ​Is Compound Interest A Myth?
The 5 Utilizations Of The VAULT
  • Sleep Well At Night
  • Invest For TIME
  • Invest In PRODUCTION
  • ​ Invest In LIFESTYLE
  • ​The VAULT For Income
The VAULT By The Numbers
  • Volatility Buffer
How To Properly Structure a VAULT
  • VAULT Design & Structure
  • How Much Should Go In The VAULT?
  • Mutual Vs. Stock
  • ​ Whole Vs. Universal (Why It MATTERS)
  • ​Human Life Value
Module 6: Profit
Earn it then grow it! In the Profit section, we focus on strategically growing your wealth using the VAULT and the Four Pillars.
Introduction: What Is Financial Freedom?
Introduction To Real Estate
Owned Real Estate - Turnkey
  • Get Rich In A Niche
  • The Path To Cash Flow: Acquisition Funnel 1
  • The Path To Cash Flow: Acquisition Funnel 2
  • ​Don’t Be A Spreadsheet Millionaire
  • ​Acquisition Metrics: Empire Builder Software
  • ​Building A Turnkey Team I
  • ​Building A Turnkey Team 2
  • ​Controlled Real Estate
  • ​Free & Clear Real Estate
Module 7: Prosper
Wealth is more than money. Real Wealth is a combination of the abundance and prosperity you have in five meaningful areas we call the Five Currencies.
  • Money Or Happiness … What Comes First?
  • The Five Currencies
  • One Choice, Will You Accept FREEDOM?
  • ​Two Paradigms
  • ​Three Questions
  • ​Four Tactics
  • ​Using The VAULT To Build A Legacy
  • ​Real Wealth
Module 8: Wealth Mythconceptions
Discover why 97% of traditional financial education is dangerous, misleading, or outright wrong.
  • Average Vs. Actual ROR
  • The Three Wealth Destroyers
  • Why You NEVER Defer Tax
  • ​The Big Squeeze of the 401(k)
  • ​The Rat Race
PLUS, When You Get CashFlow Tactics Academy
Today, You’re Also Going TO Get These THREE HUGE BONUSES!
Bonus #1: 
Unlocking Your IRA
For those with assets trapped in the traditional vehicles of IRAs, this training is CRITICAL.  Inside, the CFT Team walks thought how you can take back control of your IRA, avoid unnessary fees and expenses of money managers, and finally get their hard earned money working for them again.  We share the secrets of how to exit the casino of Wall Street forever and back your retirement with real assets.  Oh, and you'll learn how we have helped our Empire Builders create real estate-like returns in their IRAs without having to own real estate.
Bonus #2: 
Zero Percent Retirement
The single biggest destroyer of wealth is Income Tax.  Unfortunately, the typically financial advice leaves you exposed to an uncertain future. In this Bonus Training, the CFT Team sits down with their personal CPA to show everyone exactly how they can set up their Game Plan to eliminate Income Taxes and retire in a 0% tax bracket! This training is literally worth tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) in avoiding unnecessary tax. 
Bonus #3:
Purpose Driven Life Trainings
At CFT we focus on helping anyone solve their biggest money related problems. But that's not really our goal.  We believe that money is simply a tool that we can use to build a live we love.  In this bonus training, the CFT Team walk you through their personal success formula on how they have pushed the envelope to financial success while balancing families, hobbies, giving and more.  We cover our morning routines, our goal setting process, how we remain connected to our families and friends as well as many other success habits. This is our key to learning to live wealthy NOW while on a path to freedom. 
Exclusive, behind-closed-doors access to training we gave inside exclusive mastermind meetings we've been invited to speak at. Some of these events, attendees paid $25,000 just to be in the room.
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Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING
You’re Going To Get When You Get CashFlow Tactics Academy Today!
  FULL ACCESS to CashFlow Tactics Academy - 8 training modules

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  Customized 1-on-1 Game plan (Meet with us!)

($2,997 value)

  6 LIVE training's + ongoing training's and support inside the private CFT FB group


  Empire Builder software

($2,499 value)

  Huge Bonus #1 - Unlocking Your IRA

($997 value)

  Huge Bonus #2 - Zero Percent Retirement 

($997 value)

  Huge Bonus #3 - Purpose Driven Life Training


Total Value = $12,487
Join Today For Just 
1 Payment Of $997
*Yes! I’m sick of going slow - I want my finances to grow FASTER so I can achieve financial freedom!  
CashFlow Tactics Academy 
Is NOT For Everyone
We’re not about Lambos and helicopters. We’re more into faith, family, and legacy.

This won’t work for those who don’t DO the work. It’s not a get-rich quick solution. It’s not a someone-else-is-going-to-come-save-you program.

But for responsible, hardworking action-takers who just plain feel stuck, CashFlow Tactics Academy is your key to FREEDOM. They don’t expect someone else to save them. They just need to know WHAT to do.

CashFlow Tactics Academy isn’t an investment program. It’s not a real estate program. It doesn’t tell you WHAT to do.

The Academy teaches a different way of thinking and being with your money. We teach solid, proven financial principles that WORK in today’s economy. We help you set a step-by-step strategy for your financial FREEDOM. 

We give the FACTS - no soft theory here - and each person gets to decide what to do with it.

Each action taker who choose to take action and follow the steps in their step-by-step plans based on our proven system becomes the solution to their own problems, like these students below:

P.S. Remember - If you’re serious about generating wealth, and becoming financially free in 10 years or less….then you need to:
Do things differently.

Do things smarter.


CASH FLOW is the key to financial independence
and our mission is to share a clearly defined and actionable system to help achieve 40 years of financial results in 10 years or less regardless of age, income level, or experience.
We do things differently. We do things smarter.
*Yes! I’m ready to get some REAL results, and grow my finances, so I can achieve financial freedom!
Okay, So … Does It Really WORK?
Chad Was A Saver Who Felt Like He Could Never Get Ahead. Watch What Happened For Chad When He Took Action In CashFlow Tactics Academy
Everything has changed for Chad since he found the Academy. With his money securely stashed in his VAULT, his money is never affected when the stock market fluctuates. And not only that, but in two years he's secured 11 autopilot assets delivering a combined $4,500 a month in cash flow. He and his wife Nicole are now living the lifestyle they always dreamed of WAY sooner than they ever thought possible.
DISCLAIMER: Cash Flow Tactics is an educational product offered by Cash Flow Tactics, LLC. Cash Flow Tactics is not selling investments, insurance, real estate, securities, or anything other than education and is not providing tax advice, legal advice, or investment advisory products. We discuss general principles and strategies, but we do not know anything about you or your financial circumstances. As you consider applying the educational principles and strategies you see here, you should understand that there is risk in any investment and we cannot guarantee any particular results or success.