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No doubt the CashFlow Tactics Community is uncommon to say the least.  But for us, being uncommon is the norm. 

Over the last two years, we have been heads down building the most elite financial training platform in existence.  The ONLY place you can go to learn the principles and be equipped with the tools necessary to create your version of Financial Freedom in 10 years or less.  

Then we took it a step further and brought the community together through the Academy, Acceleration and Empire Mastermind programs. We can't guarantee you aren't crazy, but at least you won't be alone.

Now that we have laid the foundation, it's time to answer the question: "How to I accelerate my Game Plan?"  Mistakenly, most people think that a faster game plan is the result of more VAULTs and houses.  WRONG.

Your Game Plan will accelerate at the pace at which you continually invest in and expand your Mindset, Skillsets and Network. PERIOD.
Video Case Study #1
Video Case Study #1
how would you like a 10 year and  $800,000+ shortcut?
PRODUCTION -- the art and science of MAKING money. 

All wealth building starts here.  Brad, Jimmy and Ryan have spent more than 10 years and have invested over $800,000 to learn and implement what you'll learn in this program.
 It requires investing in YOU 💪

👉 Expanding your MINDSET. 

👉 Adding to your SKILLSETS.

👉 Growing your NETWORK. 
Nope, doesn't sound like me at all. 
Here's Everything You'll Get:
  • PART 1: The Producer Revolution Training [The FOUNDATION] - PRICELESS
  • PART 2: The TOOLS [The Science of a Side Hustle] - $10,000 Value
  • PART 3: The TECHNIQUE [The ART] - $25,000 Value
  • ​PART 4: The TRAFFIC [The RAIN] - $18,000 Value
  • ​PART 5: The NETWORK - PRICELESS (We Have Spent A Decade and Multiple Six Figures to Build This Network)
  • BONUS #1: Rock Setting [How to Gain TRACTION] - $5,000 Value
  • BONUS #2: Business In A Box [Your PLATFORM] - $15,000 Value
  • ​BONUS #3: A Network and Support [Your LIFELINE] - $10,000 Value
TOTAL VALUE: Over $83,000
  • PART 1: The Producer Revolution Training [The FOUNDATION] - PRICELESS
  • PART 2: The TOOLS [The Science of a Side Hustle] - $10,000 Value
  • PART 3: The TECHNIQUE [The ART] - $25,000 Value
  • ​PART 4: The TRAFFIC [The RAIN] - $18,000 Value
  • ​PART 5: The NETWORK - PRICELESS (We Have Spent A Decade and Multiple Six Figures to Build This Network)
  • BONUS #1: Rock Setting [How to Gain TRACTION] - $5,000 Value
  • BONUS #2: Business In A Box [Your PLATFORM] - $15,000 Value
  • ​BONUS #3: A Network and Support [Your LIFELINE] - $10,000 Value
TOTAL VALUE: Over $83,000
Learn all this and more LIVE! 

HUGE 90% Discount!  

Just 1 Payment Of $2,500 Today 
Want a bit more information before you decide?
Let me show you everything you have access to when you sign up today.
PART 1: The Producer Revolution Training [The FOUNDATION] - Priceless
Learn the mindsets of money necessary to RISE and be in control of your income.  Brad, Ryan and Jimmy have distilled down everything they have learned over more than a decade of entrepreneurship and investing to the core fundamentals of what it means to be a PRODUCER. 
PART 2: The TOOLS [The Science of a Side Hustle] - $10,000 Value
Through a decade of trail and error as well as advancement in technology, we will leapfrog you right into the best and most effective tools on the market to gain the most leverage in your side hustle as possible. 
  • The simplest and most effective ways to build sales funnels and websites to market your side hustle
  • ​The easiest way to email and communicate with your potential and current customers to maximize the lifetime value of each buyer
  • ​What "shiny objects" you should avoid to minimize expenses and overhead
PART 3: The TECHNIQUE [The ART] - $25,000 Value
Ryan and Brad have invested $25,000 per year in Russell Brunson's Inner Circle mastermind for the last 4 years to learn the ART of selling. Russell, in just 5 years, grew Clickfunnels from and idea to a $1 BILLION dollar company. 

Ryan and Brad have been able to learn directly from Russell and the 100 other multi-million dollar marketers over the last 4 years.  In this side hustle intensive, they will bring to you what works, what doesn't and exactly where to start to become a master marketer.
PART 4: The TRAFFIC [The RAIN] - $75,000 Value
"If you build it, they will come."

It was nice for a movie, but that idea doesn't work in real life.  In today's world of social media, 2 day shipping, and instant everything ATTENTION is the most scarce resource of of anyone. 

If you cannot capture attention and direct it to your side hustle, you'll never get off the ground.  We will teach you the exact formulas and platforms we used to take CashFlow Tactics from concept to over $10 MILLION in revenue in just 2 years while even some of the best marketing minds told us it was impossible.
"Show me your network and I'll show you your networth."

The power of a good network cannot be overstated.  And now that you have a Game Plan you are implementing and the Frameworks to launch your side hustle, we are excited to open to you our personal network for PRODUCTION.

These are business owners and experts in the "MAKE MONEY" space that we have either engaged ourselves and seen results or we know them personally and have seen the results they've facilitated with their communities.

After the live event session, we will make available in your membership area exclusive interviews where each expert will teach you exactly how to get started in their niche. From sales funnels to audience building, ecommerce to ebooks, expert business to course just about everything will be covered. 
BONUS #1: Rock Setting [How to Gain TRACTION] - $5,000 Value
"A journey of a 1,000 miles starts with the first step."  But no one will tell you that the HARDEST step is often that FIRST ONE.

Starting a side hustle has no instruction manual.  Every person's idea and business and approach will be unique.  So how will you know where to start?

While everyone's side hustle will be unique to them, there is a proven PROCESS to moving yours forward.  Jimmy, Brad and Ryan invest $5,000 per session every quarter PER BUSINESS that they run -- that's $15,000 every 90 days -- they spend on elite business coaches to guide them through this rock setting process to gain and keep traction while growing three businesses.

Jimmy, and ex-army ranger, will lead you through your own "what does SELF want" discovery session, lean into the chaos and uncertainty of starting a side hustle, and help you leave this session with clear, actionable 90 day ROCKS so you know EXACTLY what to do to implement everything you've learned.
BONUS #2: Business In A Box [Your PLATFORM] - $15,000 Value
👉 What if I don't have a product to sell? 
👉 What if I'm not an expert?
👉 What if I don't want to be a dancing monkey on stage?

You've been asking, we're delivering. 👊

The truth is, to have a successful side hustle, you don't need a product and you don't have to be the guru.  All you need is two things:

1. You need to LIVE what you LEAD
2. You need a PLATFORM

You are doing #1 by being part of the CashFlow Tactics movement.  By living the RISE UP lifestyle, you can reach people Brad, Ryan and Jimmy never will.  You are uniquely positioned among your peers, your community and your network to awake people around you to a new possibility. 

In this last part we will be giving you the second part you need: a PLATFORM.

We hired the best funnel builders (they built all of Russell's funnels) and the best copywriters (again, they write all of the sales copy for Clickfunnels) to build you your own funnel and write your headlines and emails so you can have your own business in a box to promote and sell CashFlow Tactics.

You get to leverage everything we have done for the last 3 years - the entire CFT movement - all turnkey.

This project alone cost us over $15,000 (the best are not cheap) and we are delivering it to YOU on a sliver platter.  
BONUS #3: A Network and Support [Your LIFELINE] - $10,000 Value
👉 What if I get stuck? (You will)
👉 What if I get discouraged? (yep, that too will happen)
👉 What if I need help to get over my poopy-pants ? (you'll need that too)

You need 2 things to build a successful side hustle: a FRAMEWORK and a NETWORK.

The training gives you the FRAMEWORK.  But that will not be sufficient.  Contrary to popular belief, building a successful side-hustle is HARD. It takes WORK. It takes SACRIFICE. 

You will run into obstacles. You'll face challenges. You will want to quit.

Thats why you need a NETWORK.  The only reason CFT exists today is because Ryan, Brad and Jimmy invested in building a DEEP network around them to support them when it got tough.

And that's what we are including here.  There will be post event checkins with Ryan, Brad and Jimmy to help you track progress, get unstuck and keep your rocks moving forward.  (The only other way to get 1 on 1 face time with these three is in the Empire Mastermind that starts at $10,000) 

And there will be a private Facebook group for all everyone to share wins, encourage, ask questions and support each other. 

We got you and you got this!
Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy share insights into the books they are reading and topics they are studying. Combined, they spend over $100k each year on the highest level masterminds and coaching and are always reading and learning something.

This is the only place to get a list of what they are studying as well as their top takeaways and insights. 
 Live Event
Come to St. Louis and hang out with the CFT team at our annual Acceleration Mastermind Event. We’ll tour the neighborhoods our Empire Builders built their Autopilot Assets cash flow on.

You’ll get a chance to interact with Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy on a more personal and relaxed level and watch live Game Plan training as well as Intentional Life Design. 
Nope. I'll pay for it all myself and spend years trying to figure it out.
💵 your biggest expense 💵
In today's world of consumerism, we are taught that price is everything.  Everything should be discounted, on sale or a good deal. 

But PRICE is no indication of VALUE.  At CashFlow Tactics, we live by a principle of "less, but better." We value money, but money is just our tool to create.

I was asked a question by a friend of mine years back and the answer shifted my view of the world FOREVER.  He asked me what my biggest expense in my life was.  Of course I immediately said "Taxes."

"Close." he said. "That's #2"

So I started guessing. 

"Nope. Those aren't even close." 

I was making around $300,000 per year at the time so I knew that most making that type of income were paying close to six figures in taxes.  "What the heck could it be?" I wondered.

Then he dropped the bomb on me. 

He said that last year he made over $1 MILLION dollars.  And since I had only made about $300,000, he showed me that NOT KNOWING HOW TO MAKE $1 MILLION had cost me $700,000!!! 🤯

 So once your Game Plan is on track and you know how to KEEP and GROW your money effectively, if you want to go FASTER, then the single larges factor holding you back is HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE. 

This is why we created the Side Hustle Challenge. We know its the fastest and most impactful way to ACCELERATE your Game Plan.

So, how much does not knowing how to make a $100,000 or $300,000 or even $1M costing you? 
No thanks. I'll try to navigate this all by myself
Video Case Study #1
Video Case Study #1
Are YOU Ready To Be Part Of The 
Nah,  I'd rather be stuck in the CONSUMER CONDITION
Why is this an extra cost? Is it not included in my other mastermind memberships?
While we are always looking to over deliver, we have incurred significant additional cost to organize, produce and deliver this event. While we value everyone in our movement, CFT is not a charity and we are here to drive a profit, just like you. That said, just like every program we have put together, we truly believe that this program delivers 10X the value of the price we are charging.  Oh, and just like everything we do...if for any reason you don't agree, we will refund you 100% of your money no questions asked.
Do I have to attend LIVE in order to participate?
Nope. We know that its difficult to be engaged for all 8 hours of the event.  Thats why the entire thing is recorded and provided in your membership area.
Are there any pre-requisites?
If you don't have a Game Plan it will be hard to work on accelerating it.  Each person should get a game plan prior to starting. If you are new to CFT and don't have one, we can get that done right at the start so you can keep up with the group. 

You don't have to be in Empire or Acceleration although you will need to at least be in CFT Academy so you have access to the education and tools found there. 
Can my spouse participate?
The investment includes you and a spouse (no need to pay double to bring your spouse along).  It does not include a business partner, sibling, friend, etc.  Why? Because wealth is a PERSONAL thing. Each person (or couple) will be working on their PERSONAL wealth plan.  Your plan will be different from your friend, business partner or sibling. 
What am I investing in?
At the end of the day, this is an investment in YOURSELF.  But more specifically, every person will get recordings of each event as well as tools, worksheets, templates and any other cool thing we create for the event.  

Also, its the only time you'll get 1 on 1 time with Brad, Ryan and Jimmy teaching these topics.  We believe in and practice leverage so after these are created, we will leverage the resources we create going forward.
No thanks. I'll try to navigate this all by myself
Empire builders are focused on FREEDOM
We RISE UP and take focused action and accept responsibility for our results. 
Because of our commitment to action we embrace being the black sheep and reject the status quo. 


We are bold enough to push the limits in order to create a better reality 
We are not risk takers or speculators but rather we live by a core set of principles. 
We do not need handouts or shortcuts. We do the work and learn to leverage the system. 

We want more than just money. Money is our tool to CREATE.
We are committed to building a life that matters.
A life driven by PURPOSE. A life fueled by PASSION.
We are committed to RISE UP and LIVE FREE, everyday.
  YES. This is what I’ve been searching for. How do I go faster NOW?  
Acceleration is designed for speed. We know time is the most valuable asset you have, and once a moment is gone, it’s gone. Yes, you could do this on your own, and it would take 2-3 years. Or jump into Acceleration and get it done in 90 days. The choice is yours. 
  Why do I need to pay somebody to help me do all this? Why can’t I just do it on my own?  
The truth is, you could. You’ve come this far on your own, and that’s amazing. You believe in the value of hard work and figuring things out, just like our Acceleration Mastermind members. But there’s a limit to what one person can accomplish alone. Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy hit that limit over and over again learning what works and what doesn’t. They each spent years making mistake after mistake trying to figure it out on their own. It wasn’t until they banded together that they started seeing incredible progress and results.
CashFlow Tactics was designed to help people like you create the kind of freedom and lifestyle they want as quickly as possible. And hands down, we’ve discovered we grow faster together.
  What am I paying for?
Acceleration Mastermind contains all the tools, knowledge, and expertise to help save you from making costly mistakes. That alone can help save 10X the cost of the course.  
Acceleration streamlines the process and eliminates all the noise. Everything is lined up inside Acceleration to so you get just what you need, including background work with attorneys, CPAs, and other expert professionals.
And did we mention our proprietary software, Real Estate Analyzer? This tool helped us avoid buying real estate that could have bankrupted them.
Name, Company
Name, Company
DISCLAIMER: Cash Flow Tactics is an educational product offered by Cash Flow Tactics, LLC. Cash Flow Tactics is not selling investments, insurance, real estate, securities, or anything other than education and is not providing tax advice, legal advice, or investment advisory products. We discuss general principles and strategies, but we do not know anything about you or your financial circumstances. As you consider applying the educational principles and strategies you see here, you should understand that there is risk in any investment and we cannot guarantee any particular results or success.
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