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Acceleration is the step-by-step coaching and community you need to create your own personalized Game Plan and put it into action FAST. You get:
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100% Money Back Guarantee

If we can’t get you results we don’t deserve your money!  CashFlow Tactics Academy comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Acceleration Recap:

The Game Plan

In Acceleration we break your Game Plan down into a series of measurable, achievable 90-day targets. Every step is clear and contains built-in momentum. 

Weekly Live Calls

In addition to the weekly live trainings, you can get personalized answers to specific situations through the Q&As and Hotseats.

Private Facebook Page 

Get exclusive access to the ONLY community of Empire Builders dedicated to becoming truly FREE. Interact with like-minded people who committed to the path of RISE UP, LIVE FREE everyday. 

Advanced Modules 

Get in-depth training from Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy as well as a few handpicked experts to enhance your skill sets and accelerate your results. 


Our proprietary software, Real Estate Analyzer, helps quickly and easily eliminate the wrong opportunities and confidently move on to the best deals so you can get back to living your life. 

Insider Network

It’s not what you’s WHO you know that matters. Acceleration gives you behind closed doors access to over a decade of networking and connections. 


Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy share insights into the books they are reading and topics they are studying. Combined, they spend over $100k each year on the highest level masterminds and coaching and are always reading and learning something.
DISCLAIMER: Cash Flow Tactics is an educational product offered by Cash Flow Tactics, LLC. Cash Flow Tactics is not selling investments, insurance, real estate, securities, or anything other than education and is not providing tax advice, legal advice, or investment advisory products. We discuss general principles and strategies, but we do not know anything about you or your financial circumstances. As you consider applying the educational principles and strategies you see here, you should understand that there is risk in any investment and we cannot guarantee any particular results or success.