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Here's What IT'LL DO FOR YOU...
Game Plan: Clear, actionable targets.  Convert goals and dreams into actionable, measurable targets.  You will know exactly what you need to do every step on your path. Eliminate fear and confusion. Go Faster: In Acceleration we will break your Game Plan down into a series of 90 day targets so we're all clear on the next step to move you forward and build momentum into your Game Plan.
Weekly Live Calls: Get answers to your specific situation through the Q&A and Hotseat portions of the weekly call.  Get answers to the questions that keep you tossing and turning at night. Be the first to learn about what is happening in the current financial landscape and get Brad, Ryan and Jimmy's take on what you need to know. You will see case studies and examples that will give you new ideas and perspective on your own Game Plan as well as ensure you are taking full advantage of the tools available at CFT.
Private Facebook Page: Access to the ONLY community of Empire Builders dedicated to becoming Financially Free in 10 years or less.  You will never be alone again.  This is the only place where you can interact with like-minded people who committed to the path of RISE UP, LIVE FREE everyday. Share wins, ask questions, share knowledge.
Advanced Modules: In-depth training from Brad, Ryan and Jimmy as well as a few hand-picked experts who will take you on a deep-dive training into each section of the Produce, Protect, Profit, Prosper model.  Here will be access knowledge, courses and experts that the CFT invested over $500,000 to learn.  Included in these trainings are courses others outside the CFT network currently have to invest over $10,000 to access.  This is where you can enhance your skillsets to accelerate your results.
Software: No more guessing.  No more wondering.  Get accurate, reliable information to analyze and build your Autopilot Assets Empire.  Whats the value of avoiding a mistake? Quickly and easily eliminate the wrong opportunities, confidently and quickly be able to move into the best deals, then get back to living your life.
Insider Network: Its not what you know...its WHO you know that matters. This is your behind closed doors access to over a decade of networking and connections.  Build your team fast by aligning with the right professionals and groups.
Level-Up: Brad, Ryan and Jimmy share insights into the books they are reading and topics they are studying.  Combined, they spend over $100k each year on the highest level masterminds and coaching and are always reading and learning something.  This is the only place to get a list of what they are studying as well as their top takeaways and insights.
Live Event: You chance to come out to St. Louis to hang out with the CFT team.  You'll be able to drive the neighborhoods and see up-close the Autopilot Assets our Empire Builders are amassing to build their cash flow.  Get a chance to interact with Brad, Ryan and Jimmy on a more personal and relaxed level. Live Game Plan training as well as Intentional Life Design and The 5 Currencies training so you can revolutionize your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional life.