NOTE: The Acceleration Mastermind Is Limited To Only 50 People
CashFlow Tactics
If You’re Ready To CashFlow In 90 Days Or Less …. Brad, Ryan & Jimmy Will Personally Work With You One-On-One! 
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Here's What You Get...
#1: Done For You Implementation of Your Personalized One-On-One Game Plan
It seems that in today's world of one-size-fits-all, instant solutions, personal finance is anything but personal.

You are expected to follow the same advice given to the masses and expect it to work in your specific, unique situation.

The very first thing we do for each new mastermind member is to get clear about their PERSONAL situation.  We meet 1-on-1 with you to understand exactly where you are financially, where you want to go and what Financial Freedom will mean to you.

We will review in detail your current financial situation in order to understand exactly what you are working with, we will identify the roadblocks that have prevented you from getting results in the past, then outline the exact steps you need to take in order to create a lasting foundation, align your assets and savigns toward creating your first cash flow in 90 days, and step-by-step path to Freedom in as little as 10 years.

At the end of this call, you will leave with total clarity on how to implement the CashFlow Tactics system in your life.
#2: Exclusive Access To The CashFlow Tactics Black Book of Insiders
Black Book of Insiders
Let's be honest.  Education is crucial but what we all really want is access to the RIGHT opportunities and the RIGHT team for support you when we get stuck. 

To successfully implement the Financial Freedom Formula and stay on track to be Free in 10 years or less, you'll need experts in the following areas:

- VAULT strategist to properly structure your insurance policy
- CPA to create and implement a cash flow focused tax strategy
- an attorney to ensure you protect the wealth you are building
- an investment team that can find and deliver quality opportunities on a regular basis before other investors have a chance to invest
- a property management team you can trust to watch after and ensure long-term profitability
- a team vested in your success who will meet with you and update your strategy as markets change and as your situation evolves
#3: Access To The CashFlow Tactics Community Through Weekly Acceleration Calls
Ideas and theory are nice, but implementation gets the job done.

When we started our path to financial freedom over a decade ago, we realized there was a huge gap between the books and podcasts we were consuming, and how we could apply that information to our specific circumstances. 

We also felt very alone.  Not only were all of our friends and co-workers content to follow traditional advice, they thought we were crazy.

The CFT Mastermind solves both problems.  You will have an opportunity every week to submit any questions you have and be hot-seated by Brad, Ryan or Jimmy as well as participate in live Q&A with the entire community.  This ensures there is never a gap between the principles we teach and how you can implement them to get results.  You'll also be constantly surrounded by a powerful community of like-minded people focused on RESULTS.
Weekly Acceleration Calls
#4: Access To The CashFlow Tactics Team Through One-On-One Voxer Coaching
One-On-One Voxer Coaching
At CashFlow Tactics, we move FAST.  

In order to implement our world-class education and coordinate with our elite team of insiders, we want to be sure you are never stuck.

With Voxer, you can get real-time access to the CashFlow tactics team 
#5: Access To The CashFlow Tactics Team Through Private Facebook Group
Even though the principles we teach are proven and have been time-tested for more than 200 years, the investment world is continually changing.

The world of insurance, real estate, interest rates, policy, etc change on almost a daily basis.  The only way to stay informed and know what information to follow and what to ignore is to be part of the only Private Facebook group dedicated to your financial freedom.

This is where Brad, Ryan and Jimmy share their daily insights, case studies and tactics.  Other community members also share what they are seeing as they push forward on their own paths to Freedom.
Private Facebook Group
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#6: Annual Board of Directors Meeting
Finances should never be "set it and forget it."  

The initial game plan will help you create your first cash flow in 90 days and lay out a path to Freedom but we all know life happens. 

As part of the CFT Mastermind, you'll have a chance one a year to a dedicated meeting with us to review the results of the prior year and lay out an updated step-by-step plan for the next 12 months to ensure you stay focused and on track to reaching your financial targets.
Annual Board of Directors Meeting
So... If That Resonates With You, And If You Feel That This Is What You Are Looking For...
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